Important Updates in ETC

  • Compliance Training Registration

    Some compliance trainings are being updated and include a Register button. If a training requires registration, you will see a Register button next to the assignment in your Assigned Learning Tile. You will be required to Register before you can begin the course in these cases. Please see How to start Your Training with a Register Button.

  • Scheduled Maintenance

    The Employee Training Center has additional scheduled maintenance for January, February and March. During these times you will be able to login, however there will be limited access to content. EHS Compliance courses are among the items that will be unavilable during these times. Additional scheduled maintenance times include:

      January 18th 5:00AM - 8:00AM
      February 8th 5:00AM - 8:00AM
      March 14th 5:00AM - 8:00AM
  • New Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Assignments

    These courses will be assigned in late November 2019. You will be required to take the new Discrimination and Harassment Prevention course(s) you are assigned regardless of the last completion date.

    Please refer to the FAQs page or see the  Discrimination and Harassment Prevntion Program Trainings Quick Sheet .

  • Adobe Flash Player Requirement - Update

    There are certain training(s) on the Employee Training Center (ETC) that need Adobe Flash Player enabled / installed in order to launch properly. Some training(s) include, but are not limited to:

      Defensive Driver Training – Online
      Campus Health and Safety Requirements - Online
      Emergency Preparedness - Online


    For instructions on how to enable / install Adobe Flash, please refer to the FAQs

  • Administrative Access

    Administrative access is granted based on business needs and successful completion of Admin. Access Online Training.

    Please complete the following training(s) and email the Employee Training Center to gain administrative access.

    Employee Training Center Administrative Access TrainingOpens in new window

    Advanced Administrative Access Training

  • Volunteer Login Information

    All volunteer training is assigned by Environmental Health & Safety (EHS). For your convenience, See instructions that EHS emails to volunteers with assigned trainingsPDF File Opens in new window .

  • Compliance Trainings

    For detailed information on compliance trainings, please refer to the FAQs pageOpens in new window .

  • Featured Course of the Month

    Using Emotional Intelligence on the JobOpens in new window

  • Featured Book of the Month

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