Administrative access is granted based on business needs and successful completion of Admin. Access Online Training. Admin. Access allows you  to run reports, assign trainings, create and schedule classes. 

Note: The Employee Training Center (ETC) reserves the right to revoke Administrative access. Failure to comply with the Employee Training Center (ETC) procedures may result in revocation of access.

'All Employees' Course Assignment

'All Employees' Course Assignments are trainings assigned to only CSUF State Employees in the Employee Training Center (ETC). If a course owner would like to assign training(s) to Non-State Employees (i.e. ASI and ASC employees) they must specify.

CSU Equivalent Trainings

More information coming soon.

Deep Links

'Deep link' is a link that will take an end-user to the class of particular interest. This link is typically applied in department websites or emails as a means to take the user directly to an advertised class, bypassing searching tools. Administrative users (Trainers and Trainer Assistants) may utilize this feature as needed. They will need to create the link (instructions provided by ETC) and update as needed. Typically only the home of the link will need to be updated.

Driving on University Business

The Defensive Driver Training is assigned to all State Employees (Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees) in order to identify who does or does not drive on University Business. If you do not drive on University Business, you can designate that within the first couple of minutes of the training. Once you make that designation, you will then be able to skip to the end of the training.


  • You are required to verify / designate your driving status every 4 years.
  • If at any time you need to drive on University Business, you are required to complete the course in its entirety and meet any other requirements prior to driving.
  • Auxiliary (ASI and ASC) Employees will not be assigned to the Defensive Driver Training at this time.

Employees on Leave

More information coming soon.

Faculty Early Access

Faculty will be granted access to the Employee Training Center (ETC) based on their official start date; this may or may not coincide with the first day of the semester. Unfortunately, faculty will not be able to access the ETC system prior to their start date.

If a faculty member experiences any difficulties accessing the ETC after their start date, please contact the Employee Training Center (ETC) for assistance.


Notifications are an optional feature. If the course owner would like to have notifications sent out for their course, it is their responsibility to contact the ETC to set up notifications. The course owner will need to designate the frequency and reminder of the notifications.


Notification Closing Signature

Please be aware that although the notifications will come from the ETC. The closing signature on the email will be the appropriate course owner.

 For assistance in making changes to notifications, please contact the Employee Training Center. 

Notification Schedule Changes

If course owners would like to make changes to a notification template or schedule, please contact the ETC for consultation. The ETC will recommend a best course of action.