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As part of the update, you will see a completely new look and feel. Please see the links below for more information.


Featured Online Classes



 Access Training

Access Training is offered for Trainers and Trainer Assistants. The training will include an orientation of the new system as well as a detailed training of all the necessary functions utilized by trainers.  If you are interested in attending an Access Training, please contact the Employee Training Center and we will be happy to accommodate your needs. 

Reports Training

Reports Training will provide an in-depth training on how to run, set, and schedule reports. This training is recommended for individuals that will be utilizing reports for their department or specified area. Please enroll for one of the three available sessions in the Employee Training Center. 

Note: September 22nd 1:30pm-3:30pm has been cancelled due to low enrollment. 

Email Notifications

Please Note: Emails sent from are automatic emails. If you have any questions regarding emails sent from 'Training Notifications' we recommend contacting the ETC at  for a quicker response.  


Although we had originally anticipated having all history transferred in July, we are not expecting the history to be transferred for at least another 6 months. 

For certificates taken on the ETC from 05/29/15 and prior, use the following link:  (also available on the ETC dashboard)

For reports on history 05/29/15 and prior, please contact the Employee Training Center

About the ETC

This website is a centralized training and development site for university faculty and staff. The Employee Training Center is a learning management system that allows users to view training classes offered as well as register and monitor their training history. Managers can monitor their employee’s training to ensure all requirements are met. This program also allows trainers to post various classes they may be offering and manage their training/class roster. The Employee Training Center offers all CSUF employees the ability to increase their knowledge through training and development. It allows users to do so by easily managing and accessing campus training and development services.