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 California State University, Fullerton



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Featured Online Classes



Data Security & Privacy - Online Training 

To complete the Data Security & Privacy training, we recommend using the following browsers: Internet Explorer or Safari.

Employee Training Center Orientation - Online Training

This training provides a demonstration on how to navigate through the ETC, as well as an overview of new features, and functions of the ETC update. Click on the following link to view the training: ETC Orientation-Online

Email Notifications

Please Note: Emails sent from are automatic emails. If you have any questions regarding emails sent from 'Training Notifications' we recommend contacting the ETC at  for a quicker response.  


Although we had originally anticipated having all history transferred in July, we are not expecting the history to be transferred for at least another 6 months. 

For certificates taken on the ETC from 05/29/15 and prior, use the following link:  (also available on the ETC dashboard)

For reports on history 05/29/15 and prior, please contact the Employee Training Center.