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 California State University, Fullerton



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The Employee Training Center (ETC) is updating its software on June 1st. You will see a completely new look and feel. Please see more information below.


Employee Training Center (ETC)



Trainers : The way you create, schedule and search for a class will all be done differently. As such, you will need to attend an Access Training to be trained and given access to the new system.

Trainers click here to register for the Access Training.

Campus : The way you register and search for a class will be done differently.It is recommended that you attend a General Session to learn about the changes and see a demo of the new features!

Click here for General Session Schedule


About the ETC

This website is a centralized training and development site for university faculty and staff. The Employee Training Center is a learning management system that allows users to view training classes offered as well as register and monitor their training history. Managers can monitor their employee’s training to ensure all requirements are met. This program also allows trainers to post various classes they may be offering and manage their training/class roster. The Employee Training Center offers all CSUF employees the ability to increase their knowledge through training and development. It allows users to do so by easily managing and accessing campus training and development services.